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BRIEF BIO: James L Wilson is currently a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker (BR-0530756). Over 30 years our debt and equity teams have closed several hundred Commercial Real Propery transactions ranging from $10 Million to $150 Million in transaction size, including the landmark Joe Robbie Stadium negotiated during 1984 at Southeast Bank, at $115 Million construction costs, General Contractor: Huber, Hunt & Nichols, Architect: HOK Sport, Project Manager: George A. Fuller Company: 75,000 Seats, 24,000 Car Parking, situated on 140 Acres in NW Miami-Dade County, FL., Hosted 5 Super Bowl Games. Projects have a combined valuation over several $Billion. Currently serving as a Principal of Southcoast Advisors, LLC, an enterprise engaged in Development and Management of Commercial Real Eatate projects, officed in Delray Beach FL. As a retired Banker with several decades of service, started as a Teller at Barnett Bank of Miami, moved to Commercial Real Estate finance, then to Royal Trust Bank, Miami, FL and to Southeast Bank. In 1995 became CEO of Southern Security Bank Corp Hollywood, FL, a Public filing company, served as its founding Director for 10 years. 

Wilson is also serving as adjunct faculty for Florida Atlantic University's Charles E Schmidt College of Science, teaching a high technology topics, since 2000, named "Principles of Digital Photography and Post Image Processing" this class name is also the name of Wilson's textbook published by Pearson Education, Boston, MA, first edition 2003, second edition 2007.

Jim.Wilson's location: Boca Raton, Florida, 33432.  eMail address:   Voice & Text use: 561.416.1100 iPhone for voice and text.  Internet Blog Site:   Follow us on TWITTER and FACEBOOK with our handle @FAU4U.  Follow these links: and where you may get involved, find out whats going on in our World, ask questions, offer comments, and connect directly to my iPhone Text Msg. To learn more about our activities go to this link for more information: GOOGLE Search the public record use these Key Words: Jim Wilson, FAU, Boca Raton

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