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St. Patrick's Day event, Delray Beach Atlantic Avenue - 47th Annual event, March 14, 2015 2pm (Check Back Again - HDTV video-clips coming soon)

This year's Delray Beach 47th St. Patrick’s Day Parade, rejoicing Iris ...

Updated: Mar 21, 2015 4:50pm EDT

🍎⌚️ iWATCH NEWS UPDATE 🍎⌚️ AppleWatch Release April 24, 2015 🍎⌚️ Apple Reinvented the iPhone Exactly 8 Years Ago on January 9, 2007 🍎

🍎⌚️ AppleWatch Reinvented the Watch, hundreds of years in the making ...

Updated: Jan 13, 2015 4:53pm EDT

BIG NEWS - Apple Announces the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Media Event, September 9, 2014 @ 1pm Eastern 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎

🍎 As you may know we Upgraded to iPhone 6 Plus. Yes, it IS really wort ...

Updated: Sep 25, 2014 1:05pm EDT

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QUICK BIO: An early-retired Banker after three decades of service, starting as a Teller at Barnett Bank of Miami, and moving into Commercial and Real Estate lending, then moving up to President, and CEO. Having served as a Director and Vice Chairman for several financial institutions, federally registered holding companies and insurance companies from $25 million to $35 billion, I've served many corporate positions and responsibilities.

PHARMACOGENETICS, BIO-CHEMISTRY & MICROBIOLOGY: Having graduated from UNION College with a degree in Organic Chemistry with an emphasis on Genetics, Bio-Chemistry and Microbiology, I was trained in preparation for Medical School. I have come back "full-circle" after decades in the world of money, to my love of Genetics and Bio Chemistry. Spending my time with (A) Pharmacogenetics helping Pharmacists and Medical Doctors to address Genetic Screening of their Patients to eliminate Adverse Drug Reactions, and (B) helping others to learn how to become Healthy and Happy with Isagenix Supplements and Nutritional Cleansing, maybe even Wealthy, all of which is quite rewarding. To ask questions, offer comments; Use the resources list below.

Jim.Wilson: Boca Raton, Florida, 33432
Voice & Text: 561.416.1100 iPhone, Call or Text-Message anytime
Internet Site:

You may follow us on TWITTER an FACEBOOK with our handle "FAU4U" Links: or where you may ask questions and offer comments, and get directly to my iPhone.

HIGH DEFINITION HDTV VIDEO: We have added HDTV capability to our coverage of events. On this site, pictures with an arrow symbol at the center, indicates that this image is a sample-frame from a High Definition Video clip running from 15 seconds to a minute or two. Left-Click onto this image, then it will display a larger image at Right (also symbolized with an arrow at its center), then click onto the center of the larger image at Right; another separate window will open; it will/should auto-download the video file, (down-loading times will vary depending on your internet connection, with running at 6Mbs, download time will be approximately 15 seconds for a one minute clip). Depending on your system, the clip will likely auto start the HDTV Video clip, if no auto-stard, there is a play button at the bottom edge of the down-loaded file's first-frame.

PUBLICITY: We are delighted to have been featured on a web-site called the Smugmug-Corner. It's an in depth interview; take a visit and you'll get a flavor of what we do and from where we've come. We are proud to have been selected for this honor, in light of Smugmug hosting tens of millions of published images to choose from. When they conducted their interview, at its conclusion, I asked "what brought their attention to our work." Their answer was simple, a tremendous volume of visitors... Our loyal visitors, currently are visiting at rate of over 6 million per year; this relatively significant internet traffic, by your families, friends, and internet searches, brought folks to our site, captured the publisher's attention; So my thanks to all of you for this honor. JimWilson. This revealing interview is published on their site at..:

VISITOR COUNTER - WORLD-MAP: Notice near the bottom of the HOME page, a visitor counter which shows that over 25 Million have visited our site since January, 2005, the date when we redesigned our site and re-set the web-page counters.. Also notice, just below the site hit counter is a map of the Planet Earth... the colored "dots" represent the location, country, its flag, city, state, province, day, and time of most recent visitors. It is always rewarding for us to see the quantity and location of all our visitors, represented by over 160 countries. YOU are represented by the RED "dot" showing the location where your ISP's server entered the intenet.

SEARCH: We have built into this site a search engine where you can enter a name, word, date... for example enter "Shula." In a few seconds you will view a series of Gallery Links that house images where Miami Dolphins Coach Don Shula appear. The Search Window is located near the bottom of this home page above the Visitor Counter and the Copyright message.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Digital Photography

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